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Zhema Rodero - guitars, bass
Arthur "von barbarian" - drums
Luiz Carlos Louzada - vocals

Drowning in Blood (2011) - Lyrics

1 - Awash in Blood
2 - Devil's Forces
3 - Total Desolation
4 - Prison in the Hexagon
5 - 100 & 50
6 - Zodiac Attack
7 - They Sold Their Souls
8 - Chapel on Fire
9 - Come to the Carnage
10 - Infamous Poet
11 - The Evil Always Returns

1. Awash in Blood

When the human will close the end
He will br there waiting for
Among the heaven and hell
Will do the choose

Riding his black crow
Screaming bad rules
Doing the christians
Run to the black angels arms

Evil spirits
In the form of crows
Without fear of the dark
Over the flesh burned

Over the bloodshed
Calling their warriors
War in heaven
Commanding to death

The blackness has come again
He revenged his putrid angels
With blood spilled
Cries of agony and pain

When the batlle finishes
A flood of fear will take place
The sons of prophet
Will be struck down
And thrown the ground...

2. Devil's Forces

Red sky
Thunder Lightning
Rain and blood
The evil advises

Death and dispair
The faith will be destroyed
Invisible battles
Of angels and demons

Angels cryin
Demons flying

Wheels of fire
Satan lashes
The first angels fall
Without mercy
Blades cut
The false saviors
It had to do it
Devil's forces!

3. Total Desolation

Chaotic plains in action
Earth will be destroyed
Will rapid death
But so cruel

No kind of entreaty
Accursed enemy
Demoniac forces and destructive
Defiance of a dazed brain

Fatal combat
Fetid corpses
Atrocity of war
Mortal attack

Feeling the taste of death
After the combat
The hallowed
Stillness of deads
Total desolation
Dusky and sinister

4. Prison in the Hexagon

I'm falling,
I'm screaming,
Screaming for my life
Monsters, worms, horrible creatures

My breathing is so vague
My inert body
Asking to go back

I need air,
I can not escape
I feel cold
Will it be here the eternity?

The entrance is so narrow
Is very cold here
Concrete, woodand worms
How long I'll stay here?

5. 100 & 50

The most terrible scene of blood
Blind followers shocked the world
Limitless cruelty sadistic

Dazed brains, dealy virulence
They gave them a sentence to death
Never any mercy showed their victims

Butchered by their innocence
Defenced with bloody scrawlings
The scariest of the bloody minded

Nor the anguished entreaty was heard
Stabbed bodies strewn on the floor
Multiple stab wounds neck

Blood on the doors and walls
Tortured till death with extremely brutality
Flesh of wombs, drips away

Sickening smell of death
Spreaded terror and crulty
They were to do the devil's business

Stab wounds around
Corpses falling the ground
Souls all eternety
Take all to their dstiny

6. Zodiac Attack

Stabbed the flesh
Threee bodies, six times
Before he tied up
The hooded man
Black hood man
Cross-circle symbol
Drawn with blood
Disguised, but unwilling to die
Scaped through the swamp
Dragged by the branch
Leaves behind
An awful scene
Blood, despair and pain

Bleed the throat
Three bodies, three times
He dug before their hands

The hooded man
Black man hood
Cross-circle symbol
Drawn with blood
Let that corpse
For the meal ravens
He fled across the desert
Leave behind
A horrible silence,
Blood, dust and flies

Hammer hears
Three bodies, many times
Before empaled the bodies
The hooded man
Black hood man
Cross-circle symbol

Drawn with blood
Scape through the night
Run by the lanes
Leave behind
Entrails bowels womb

7. They Sold Their Souls

Surrender to holy ghost
The devil got ripped off
The sons of christianity
No followers will saved
They will pay for that

They will pay for that
No followers will saved
Sons of christianity
The devil got ripped off
Surrender to the holy ghost

They sold
Their souls
To the devil

8. Chapel on Fire

Shining on the air
In the deepest nightmare
Sharp pain
Feeling of death

Chapel burning
In the night
Dust in the heat
Wrinting in pain

The black bible laws
Evil instead of man
Cries loud enough
Kept hearing thje noise

In blackest night
Over the hills
Waiting the instant near
To open hell's door

9. Come to the Carnage

Tap your fists
And come running
In front of the stage
Banging heads

Our sharp riffsYour blood boiling
Jumping, diving
Sharking the venue

Blast beats sounding
Bending your necks
Deafening noise
Terror metal choise

Broken bones
Mind fueled
Before the show ends
All false metal
Will have to pay

Come to the carnege!

10. Infamous Poet

The most horrendous of all appearances
Wandering through the narrow lanes
Hiding his face behind the shadows
Alone, without any witnesses on your side

Looking for unhappy soul
To quench his thirst for blood
The lady of the night can be your next victim
After all no one cares for her

Poor madame of harlots
Better not have left home tonight
That knife in the moonlight glistens in a
Silvery color, gently cuts that pale neck

Jus a cold cut
Then heated by the blood flowing
Amongo those beatiful pale breasts
Her body fainting in his arms

Can still see the last
Blue glow of her eyes
Why? Asked himself, giving her
A sweet kiss on the lips

11. The Evil Always Returns

Evil is rising, the prophecy will be fulfilled
Crawling demon covered by shadows
The messenger of anger release the army
Destroy the enemies to get the devil's crown

Only the darkness could bring back again
The ancient damn fear once more it flies
Without mercy it raises its hand
Warped decayed wings shinning bloody eyes

And throw a deadly spell
Only shadows and pain
The evil always return
Evil's sons do not change

They don't know you chose them
In velvet darkness
Of the blackest night
Give him your soul
Never look back

Only the darkness could bring back again
The ancient damn fear once more it flies
Without mercy it raises its hand
Warped decayed wings shinning bloody eyes
Your destination is violent death
Eternal pain os a satanic gambler
You have already lost your life
Don't be stubborn, there's no way back

©2008 ::Vulcano::