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Thunder Metal(Split) - Line up

Zhema Rodero (guitars)
Angel"Uruka" (vocals)
VX (drums)
Fernando Nonath (guitars)
Carlos Diaz (bass)

Thunder Metal - Lyrics

1. The Evil Always Return
2. Suffered Souls

Nifelheim (Swe)
3. Raging Flames
4. Sepulchral Fornication
5. Insulter of Jesus Christ*

* Bonus Track versão MCD, cover do Damnation com Jon Nödtveidt (R.I.P) - Dissection

3. The Evil Always Return

Evil Is Rising, The Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled
Crawling Demon Covered By Shadows
The Messenger Of Anger Release The Army
Destroy The Enemies To Get The Devil´S Crown

Only The Darkness Could Bring Back Again
The Ancient Damn Fear Once More It Flies
Without Mercy It Raises Its Hand
Warped Decayed Wings Shining Bloody Eyes

And Throw A Deadly Spell
Only Shadows And Pain
The Evil Always Return
Evil’s Sons Do Not Change

They Don’t Know You Chose Them
In Velvet Darkness
Of The Blackest Night
Give Him Your Soul
Never Look Back

Your Destination Is Violent Death
Eternal Pain Of A Satanic Gambler
You Have Already Lost Your Life
Don’t Be Stubborn, There’s No Way Back

4. Suffered Souls

From The Darkness Profound
The Hell´S Portals Will Open
Rides Warriors Of Satan
Accomplish Your Destination

Roam Suffered Souls
While The Damned Profanes
Write Their Torture
Recite Cursed Prayers

Bend Your Knee
Lower Your Heads
Your Blood Will
Drop In My Hands

Kneel Damned Christian
And Pray Metallic Prayers
Deliver Their Souls To The Sin
And Finally To The Perdition

Darkness To The Death Shadow
Prisoner In Affliction
They Scream In The Anguish
The Combat Will Take Place

Bend Your Knee
Lower Your Heads
Your Blood Will
Drop In My Hands

The Death Smell Fill All Place
Pieces Of Bodies Floating On Blood
Massacre And Slaughter
The Limit Of Insanity
Signs Of Blood Are Spread Over The Places

©2008 ::Vulcano::