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Luiz Carlos Louzada - Vocals
Zhema Rodero - Guitars
Ivan Pellicciotti - Bass
Arthur 'von barbarian" - Drums

Wholly Wicked (2014) - Lyrics

1. The Tenth Writing
2. Pentagram
3. Daughters of Pagan Rituals
4. Infusion of Hatred
5. The Return of a Long Night
6. Thirst for Vengeance
7. Wholly Wicked
8. Tormented
9. Malevolent Mind
10. Blowing Death

1. The Tenth Writing

There is a key
That opens all doors

There are many doors
However, only one is the path

There are so many paths
But, only one reaches the ridge

There are so many ridges
But only one shows the infinite

Exist, only one infinite
On the skyline of the future

However, the present
Not part of the future

There is a key
That opens only one door
But, it closes as soon as I pass

No one can stop, which I did not start
And no one can't start, which I did not

2. Pentagram

Immerse your soul
In the abyss of the colossal ages
In splendid depth of blackness
Any deviation is considered fatal

If you return, then you will be commander
Of yourselves and of the weak servers
But does not face Satan
´Cause, he is your master

If you do this, you will experience
The fire that tears the flesh
The pain that calls for the death
Suffering for eternity

The man soul's hunter is on the heat
Not in old and dusty book
Ignorance is more than you can bear
However, is a perfect target

Dip once, dip twice
You can't swear
Not even entice
Not to become unfair

3. Daughters of Pagan Rituals

Shadows oozes out from between the forest
The clearing is chosen
All smells spread in the air
Among the shade of the trees
Arises the mask of perpetuity

Blue eyes of the Virgin of gilded hair,
Witness the deep blue of equinox
The original sin is a magical act
In the purity of the sixteen

Remove the mask from the eyes
No questions, only silence
Who brought it?
Who gave permission?
Master, Master

Come, come, come to the proof
Come, Come, the knowledge is there

Heat waves growing on pentagram
On sacred soil she exclaims once
All are here, to the celebration
Red wine oozes in nude bust

Come, come, come to the proof
Come, Come, the knowledge is there

4. Infusion of Hatred

Total bestiality
On the squad of insanity
Move forward to the fight
Jump over the enemy to slaughter them

Hate in their minds
Kill and kill never stops
Till their bodies fall on the ground
Anxiety and the fury for pain

Screams angry to kill
Attacking among the cross fire
Face to face with the lethal steel
And devastation by the blades

Pieces of flesh
On all sides of the battlefield
Show the brutality
Of that bloody carnage

Like ferocious dogs
Without any pity
Bad omen to face to death
Going towards to the devil

Leaping the trenches
Stepping corpses
Sprawled on the ground
Torn flesh and bowels

5. The Return of a Long Night

Spirits who rebel
With dismal howl in wasted valley
A cursed road where is possible
Disentomb rotting corpses

The stench that begins in death
And sprawls across the edge of chaos
And then lasts no more than a waltz
The watcher of light is dead in the basement

Before the dark gloomy
The dark is the return of a long night
Of voracious and stormy thoughts
That creeps through the empty streets

Echoing in the vastness of eternity of the abyss
Conspiracy in the trenches of the dawn
Raise of the revolution of the unfortunate souls
Who wants, follow, who do not want, die!

The return of a long night
It takes your mind away
Toward in the time sight
That you left for behind

6. Thirst for Vengeance

His hate is big as his thirsty for vengeance
If rational would be terror
In his mind pass exciting fantasies
His fate was bloodstained

During the night he looks for the enemies
As a wild dog after his prey
Everyone outlaw are enemies
And he’ll annihilate all of them

Justice! Made by his own hands
None of them will remain unpunished

His eyes bright as victim’s blood falls
He feels pleasure when cuts the flesh
He destroys all of them pitiless
His justice is proclaimed by himself

He kills! kill them in his own name
He brings eternal pain to his victims
He doesn’t have name
He's known as vigilante

7. Wholly Wicked

If the battle is in the desert
He's there on the killer bullet
If hunger goes so far
He’s there on the rotting fruit
If the judge give the sentence
He'll be the lethal gas

Who is he?
Everybody knows his name

Always protecting your trail
Always covering his face with veil
And even sleeping his shadow cover your face
He clean your tracks,
For no enemy to follow you

If the disease spreads
He will separate the children to die first
If a shot is lost in the night
He directs the bullet to an innocent
If disgrace is imminent
He will arrange for a unfortunate son

Who is he?
Everybody knows his name

Always requiring your submission
He asks you full obedience
He's evil, demands the sacrifice of the son
He's evil, allows the killing of innocent

8. Tormented

TV, disturbing your mind
The laws give to them the legal way
ehind its message
A hidden and obscure proposing
Waiting a right time
To show its face

Alone in your room
You’re felling so disturbing
A mix in an evil and innocence
Nobody to hate

The limit between insanity and reality
Is a fine line when your mind turns
Corrupted in a discriminating world

Psycho movements
They kill anyone that teases them
TV is a fatal cancer
It will kill you, if nobody kills you before

9. Malevolent Mind

I am the evil
I live on evil

I am the death
I bring the death

I sip the blood
I feel the blood

I smell of fear
I breathe the fear

I am the evil alive
I am the hate alive

Living in darkness
Dying in darkness

I do not fear anybody
I do not obey anybodyI will take my Vengeance
I will bring the hate
I will give my sentence
I will use you like bait

10. Blowing Death

The fog now is wasted
I can to see barbarian troops coming
The death smell fills all places
Massacre that´s all now I see

They are using no more blades
That´s the price of new technology
Kill each time faster
And more bodies drop front me

Pieces of bodies
Floating on blood
They are using no more blades

Now I´m fighting for my life
But they are much more than me
I drive my bayonet in them bodies
And I see them souls past to me

I use my arms as friend
It´s keep me alert and make me see
That now is o late, the attack is eminent
I feel the acid blowing in me

©2008 ::Vulcano::