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Angel - Vocals
Zhema - Guitars
Fernando Levine - Bass
Arthur Vasconcelos - Drums

Who are the True ? (1988) - Lyrics

1.The Next
2. Who Are The True?
3. Different Lands
4. Fuck Them
5. Witche's Sabbath
6. Never More
7. Flies Around The Shit
8. Do You Remember
9. Hercobulus

1. The Next

Hey, Saint, Bring Me That Guy, Oh Yeah !
Hey, Little Shit, Do You Wanna Talk To Me ?
Are You Dumb ? I'm Talking To You
Poor Little Shit You Are The Next

Hey, Saint, Bring Me That Girl. Oh Yeah !
Hey, Little Girl,Do You Wanna Fuck With Me ?
Are You Dumb ? I'm Talking To You
Poor Little Girl, You're The Next

Hey, Do You Wanna Be The Next ?

2. Who are the True ?

Who Really Are The True ?
You've Been Betrayed All The Time But You Can't See It
Those You Think Are Good Friends Are The Ones
Who Kill You From Behind

Why Do You Believe In What They Say ?
Without Searching For The Truth At First ?
There Are A Lot Of People Who Seem To Be Loyal
But They Are Only Trying To Decieve You
Maybe He's A Worker's Son Discriminated By Social System
Or A Rich Guy Acting Like A Thrasher

You Can See Everything
But You Don't Discover Anything
Open Up Your Eyes
And Break The Silence
And Discover The Truth Yourself

3. Different Lands

We Live In Different Worlds
Different Lands
Different Tradictions
Conscious Or Unconscious
In Defferent Ways
Next Or Distant
In Deserts Or Forests
In Suburbs Or Cities
In Abundance Or Misery
In Peace Or War
In Harmony Or Destruction
We Believe In Different Things
Different Religions
Defferent Politics
In Heaven Or Hell
In Red Or Blue
In Defeat Or Victory
In God Or Devil

4. Fuck Them

We Are On The Top
And They Don't Believe Us
They Are Piggish
And They Know Who They Are
Fuck Them, Die
Hey. You Mercenaries
We Didn't Forget You
You'll Have To Pay
For All Your Crimes
Fuck Them, Die

5. Witche┬┤s Sabbath

The Moon Is Full, The Hour Is Near
The Witche's Are Coming
With Screamings Filling The Air
In Dark Up Stairs

Skeletons Bright, Alchimists,
Hermits And Maniacs
All Are Here, The Celebration
Is Up To Begin

Witche's Sabbath

All The Forest Is Bewitched
With Black Magic Around
All The Dead And The Damned
Get Up From The Ground

The Bats Flew, Blood Spills
Fire In The Trees
Axe Prepared, A Virgin Tied
Her Head Rolls At My Feet

Witche's Sabbath

6. Never More

Take A Look At This World
Try To See The Truth
You've Got To Change
You've Got To Fight
You've Got To Break The Rules
The World Is Full Of Nobody
You've Got To Understand
They Do What They Want
And Where Are You, Man ?

2x Never More Injustice
Never More Tirany

You're Like A Toy
They're Playing With All Your Lives
You've Got To Shout! Stop !
Before You Die

4x You're Gonna Shout! Stop !

Somebody Has Said To You
You Have To Study Now
Somebody Has Said To You
You Have To Cut Your Hair Boy

2x But Nobody Has Said To You ! Fight
You Have To Know

Enought Said
2x Never More

7. Flies Around The Shit

While Everybody Say
We Have Come To An End And There's No Future To Us
We Are Flying Around The Shit Like Flies Loolishly

While Few Powerful Madmen
Rules The World With Silly Capitalism And A Million Guns
While They Don't Destroy The Third World

Dissident Forces Will Ever Fight
Rebels Will Sack
Terrorists Will Apread Fear
Mercenaries Will To Sabotage
Anarchists Will Contest

While The Rich Ones Keep Oppressing The Poor
Stealing Their Production And Exterminating With Them After All
Governments Stealing In The Teeth Of The People
Generals Full Of Guns From Top To Toe
The Power By The Force Doing The Apocalypse's Army

Dissident Forces Will Ever Fight
Rebels Will Sack
Terrorists Will Apread Fear
Mercenaries Will To Sabotage
Anarchists Will Contest

8. Do You Remember

Do You Remember That Radical Guy
Hating Painted Hairs And Colours Wears
Thinking Skate Is Asshole's Things?
Rock'n'roll Is For The Assholes
Thinking He Is Superior, Having A Demo Of An
Unknown Band, He Has Closed His Eyes To Reality
So What He Was Taken In His Own Act
Nowadays, He Combs His Hair And
Wear Good Clothes And You Can See Him
Skating On The Streets, Where Is The Asshole ?
In His Shows, He Plays Covers From Bands
He Hated And Speaks To Everybody That He Was
Never A Radical Guy

9. Hercobulus

It's Near From Our Planet, A Force, An Evil
Slowly In Your Orbit Here He Comes
Brings Death And Destruction With Him

In His Centurias Nostradamus Said:
In The End He'll Appear Like A Second Sun
Will Change Ihe Power Of Atraction He'll Do

Coming From Orion's Constelation
Where Epslon Is The Central Star And
Near Tylar (The Sun) He Orbits, Hercolubus

The Lemures And The Atlants Knew It
It Was Him Who Exterminated These Civilizations
And Now He Comes To Complete Its Zodiacal Cycle
Killing Our Arian Race

Scientists Have Already Seem Him
But They Lie About His Existence
Nuclear Bombs And Star Wars Project Exist
To Change Your Way And Save Us From The Evil

But Men Know
Their Destine Is Scaled
No Wat To Run
It's Signed In Profecies
Hercobulus Will Be The Destruction


©2008 ::Vulcano::