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Luiz Carlos Louzada - Vocals
Zhema Rodero - Guitars
Gerson Fajardo - Guitars
Carlos Diaz - Bass
Arthur "von barbarian" - Drums

XIV (2016) - Lyrics

1. Propaganda and Terror
2. Thunder Metal
3. The Tides of Melted Metal
4. Necrophagy
5. Behind the Curtains
6. Thou Shalt Not Kill
7. Paradise on Holocaust
8. The Face of the Abyss
9. To Kill or Die
10. I'm Back Again


Sirens screaming. Confusion in the ghetto. Escape, hide.
Protecting children. Punches and kicks.
Pleas for Mercy. Hidden in holes as sewer rats
Suffering and despair. Famine and persecution

Systematic extermination. Final solution
Overcrowded trains. Disease and hunger
Those who survive
will die in the bath

Victims of hate. Mass murder
Euthanasia, Unworthy of living
Annihilate, people disabled physically or mental
Gypsies, clerics. Deadly medicine

(repeat 2nd, 3rd & 1st)

Chorus: Extermination... Propaganda and Terror
Creating the master race

(repeat chorus, 3nd, 2rd , 3rd & chorus)


The Death Metal forces more brutal than ever
Prepared to salute the master of desolation
Forward! Towards Hell. When the Heavy Metal sounds
Louder than thunder. Satan will call

The most brutal sound bringing blow in my mind
Putting me on front, banging my head
Crossing my ears like a lightning
The louder the better, smashing the skull

Don't think that any flag can be flown
To the true warriors of Metal. I don't care when they stop
It takes blood and sweat for consecration
I only care the Metal riffs through my body

Chorus: Pump my fists. The arms high
Yell with me. We're never gonna die

(repeat 1st, 2nd, 3rd & chorus)

(solo: GF / ZR / GF)


(repeat 1st, 2nd, 3rd & chorus)


Thirteen black candles burning
Shadows dancing in the dying light
Smell of blood and magic in the air
Evoking forces of Destruction

Obscurity and hell flow in my veins
I´m Possessed when metal controls my mind
Sinister outbreak of twisted Mayhem
A Demon Unleashed into the night

Chorus: Tides ... The tides of melted metal
Tides ... The tides of burning Death

When you hear the call. There is no way back
You have to go wild. On the path of fire
Under command of Cronos
Infernal power of Venom. Sinister spell of Satan

(repeat chorus)

Burning in the salt of Sodom. In the Bloody hexagram
They bleed like a Hellhammer. Ridden by Morbid lust
Tentacles of Sarcófago. Crawling from the putrid ground

Vulcano spitting floods of fire. Into the burning Pentagram
Shining the Slayer blade. Faced for Angel Witch
Onslaught against tides. In ecstasy in the arms of Bathory

(solo: ZR / GF)

(repeat 1st & 2nd & chorus)


The coyotes are howling
On down death valley tonight
A being cursed
Creeps in the shadows
With a knife shining

There's no smell in the air
Only sparses gloomy noises
And the moonlights shining
Through crosses and statues
It get closer the gates of cemetery

(solo: GF)

Chorus: Necrophagy in the death valley
Accursed by hell's fire
Hiding in the hills and alley,
Devil's heart with insane desire

(solo: GF)

When the night is over
And the morning comes
It comes out crawling
Condemned to hell

Tombs vilified
Down on the ground
Remains of scattered corpses
Bad smell everywhere

(chorus 2x)


Behind the curtains of free will
Is master of hypocrisy
Lies in all forms
Nothing else than apology

God is so cruel and vindictive
That asks everyone to kneel
Before him sacrifice a lamb
Besmirch your doors with blood

Hatred, and shed blood...
Everything you do will be recorded
For if you do then you will be charged

Silly lies placed in the book
That they see not what they see
They know what beauty
Yet the best is become the worst to you.

Hatred, and shed blood

Chorus: None can rely upon reigns through fear
And when truths were gone. You paid so dear

(chorus) / (repeat 1st & 2nd)

Hatred, and shed blood


He created things of Earth. From them came the Man
But, not satisfied, annihilated all of them

Chorus: Sacrificing a son for faith
lambs bloodied. In the stone seeing a wraith

(repeat 1st & chorus)

Destroyed Sodom and cursed ten times
He killed all firstborn
(He said) paint their doors with blood
Thosewhodonot, will be killed
And destroyed the whole city

Only the harlot was saved. It is God's instruction
Kill everyone and everything. He give them a law
Thou shalt not kill! Thou shalt not kill!
Bend your knee. Thou shalt not kill!

Those who blasphemed his holy name
Were punished with hate and stoned to death
Should shed blood on the altar. The goat carrying the sins

Should offered in holocaust. He give them a law

Thou shalt not kill! (4x)

(repeat chorus 2x)

Instructions of God!


Despises corpses
as soon as see them
In all rituals are defeated
He created this world for
his own amusement

Behind the curtain of the Heavenly
It's the land of pleasures
The weak will serves, and
The fool is devoured

Seeing them die
Abandon the game
Like a deadly puzzle
Arena for humanity to suffer

Typhoons roaring
Strength and rancor
Storms and gales
Furious Works of God

Paradise on Holocaust! Paradise (2x)

(solo: ZR)

Paradise on Holocaust! Paradise


In the cold and silent night. The wind brings voices from the past
Confusing as a storm making creak bones
Moans and whispers about the blown secrets
His voice is unique and lonely. There is no one to hear it

The Face of the Abyss!

Wrinkled face and eyes occulted. Unending cliffhanger
How did he get till here? Face to face with the abyss
That ways brought him? Vague distant memories
Steeped in the mists. Welcomed in the dawn of his time

(solo: ZR)

The Face of the Abyss!

A tenuous ray of truth
The blade approaches throat
He can feel the cold steel cutting
And the comfort of eternal sleep

(solo: GF)

The Face of the Abyss!

(repeat 3th)

(solo: GF)


The Guardian commands
And the great invasion begins
The blackened iron gates
Close with loud noise

But it's too late
The walls were broken
The tower was taken
The defeat is imminent

Confusion, despair
Hysteria, moans and cries
Marching soldiers. Thunder sound
Marching soldiers. Death around

(solo: ZR)

(repeat 1st, 2nd & 3rd)

(solo: GF)

Believers, will be crushed
by Satan's sons
To kill or die
March! March!

(repeat 1st, 2nd & 3rd)


I've been in the desert beside Jesus Christ
Also during his agony on the cross
I was in front of all wars in Manson's mind
And now... I'm back again

I became the hand of the executioner
when Ann lost her neck I killed all the love and faith
I helped Jim Jones prepare grapes and cyanide
And now... I'm back again

(solo: ZR / GF)

I was the rope and the gallows tree
I spit lava on Pompeii. I was the serpent deceived Eve
I chaired the plot of Wannsee
And now... I'm back again

I was the pilot in Hiroshima
Commanded the lions against Christians
I was the porter of death of the abyss
I said to God about the plagues of Egypt

And now I'm back again...
My name is Satan


©2008 ::Vulcano::